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Our guest blog post is offered to us this week by Leif Meland. Leif and his wife Nancy are longtime members of the St. Mark community and have been serving God and our church faithfully for 30+ years. Leif has participated in almost every church committee at one time or another. He was a founding member of St. Mark's contemporary praise band, House of the Risen Son. Today you can find him retired from the band, though still occasionally writing songs for our community and working out his theology about our God who is Love.

Click the PDF below to read Leif's post, and feel free to engage with it in the comments.


Amanda Palmer over 1 year ago

I could not have said that better if I tried. I love how you explained love, color, male AND female. I say to you...AMEN!

Sarah Palmer over 1 year ago

Loved this from start to finish! Thank you and Amen!

Joani Laginess over 1 year ago

Thanks, Leif. Beautifully said. I could almost hear your voice as I read it.

Maggie Miller over 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing your valuable perspective! Your wisdom and words are much needed and appreciated.

Terry Karns about 1 year ago

Very nicely said.

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