Curious About Church?
We're not all the same!


  • What is it like? - When our members talk about why they stayed at St. Mark after they first visited, they consistently say it was because of the friendly folks in the congregation. Expect to be welcomed and greeted, but take the space you need if new faces are overwhelming.
  • What about my kids? - We love kids at St. Mark! We have a room with a window and speaker for carergivers who want to sit on a couch with small babies during worship. During the main service we usually have some sort of children's time. We also have a nursey where some of the older elementary aged kids play during the service. And if the kids are exploring during worship, they usually come back to the sanctuary and participate in communion.
  • Where do I park? - We have a parking lot connected to our main doors. If the parking lot is full, folks usually pull on down to a spot in the grass. There is a ramp from the parking lot that provides wheelchair access to the building.
  • What do I wear? - Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable in church. For some this is dressy and for others this is casual. Occasionally the vicar even wears blue jeans under her cassock!
  • How can I get connected? - Email or reach out on Facebook with any questions you have. We cannot wait to get to know you!